Reasons Why Magento Is The Best Platform for E-commerce?

30 Aug
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Well, here’s an interesting fact. The websites of Nike, Ford, Lee, Samsung have something in common. Guess what it is. They’re all built on Magento. Now, the question is why does the best in their respective fields use Magento? The answer is quite simple. Just because it’s the very best out there. Here, We’ve mentioned some reasons why it’s one of its kind in the whole industry.

1. Open Source:

Magento has its 3 versions in total:

  • Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Magento Go

Magento community edition is the most popular of them with the reason being quite simple. It’s FREE. Moreover, the community is regarded as one of the largest and most active developer communities in the world.

Magento is free to download and install. You can twist the source code to suit for your website.

2. Tailor-made for E-Commerce:

Magento was created for to be an e-commerce platform unlike other CMS development platforms like Drupal, Joomla etc. Some of the common e-commerce features available is User Dashboards, Inventory Management, Advanced Shipping, Built in cross sells, Up-sell Capabilities, Newsletters and many more.

3. Ease of Integration with Third Party Apps:

In more or less all the CMS platforms, all the common features are included, but not every problem can be solved within the system. Magento comes with an online Marketplace, named as the Magento Marketplace, from where you can download and install extensions and ready made plug-ins to solve additional problems within the system.

4. Ease of Customization:

The need and platform of using CMS differs from industry to industry according to the needs of the company. Like the platform of fashion industry and car industry won’t be the same. The Magento e-commerce platform provides its users flexibility to customize according to the need of the respective industry.

5. Freedom of Choosing Hosting Services:

Magento lets you pick your own hosting service unlike others. This helps to cut your cost down and offers you the opportunity to switch to other hosting servers in case you face some problems with the one you’re currently associated with.

6. Fast. Way Too:

We are living in a very fast world where we don’t have much time to wait for a site to load. A recent survey showed that 47% of today’s web users wait for maximum 2 seconds for a site or page to load. Anything more than that and they’ll simply close the tab and try out other websites.
Magento makes sure your pages are cached easily, process queries in no time and load pages way too fast to satisfy your impatient visitors.

7. Mobile Friendly:

There’s only one thing constant with the Smartphone industry- its rapid growth. It’s evident that people now-a-days are moving over to smartphones from desktops to access websites for their necessities. So, E-commerce websites need to be optimized for mobiles to perform well in the industry. The Magento platform lets you offer your customers the same experience in their smartphone space and that’s big plus.

8. SEO Friendly:

The ultimate goal of a website is to appear in top of a search result. Magento, apart from hosting all your information, lets you offer the metadata, descriptions for products and categories, sitemaps for search engines. It also aids your website making sure they show up in the search engine space.

Last but not the least, Magento is not afraid of the growth of its customers which means irrespective of how good its customers perform, it won’t charge or penalize you a penny for your growth and continue to provide you with the best service.

Aren’t these enough reasons to declare it better than others in the industry? A free, user friendly and feature packed platform for all the needs of your e-commerce business. It just can’t get any better. The best companies in the industry use Magento for their websites and you should too if you want to provide your customers an amazing experience while visiting your website.

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